Benefits of an In-Home Newborn Session

September 4, 2022

Amazing but also Exhausting

I have had the blessing of three of my own little babies so I am no stranger to the joys and stresses that come with bringing a new baby home. It can be both the best and most stressful time of early parenting. Getting used to a larger family, a new sleep routine, new clutter (i.e. bottles, burp clothes, and boppys), and just an overall total change in your life can be stressful to say the least. For all my newborn photography sessions I come to you. No packing up the diaper back, getting up extra early to drive to a studio, worrying about being late, or having harsh weather to take a new baby out in. Whether you have chosen an Lifestyle session or a Signature session, I will bring everything we need for amazing photos of your family and the new baby right to you, keeping it as stress free as possible for you and your family.


Every newborn session includes lifestyle photos of your family and your newborn. Lifestyle photos are taken in places in the home with good natural light and in places you as a family feel comfortable and at ease. No stuffy studio or fake set up. This your family, in your space, capturing life as it is and as you want to remember it. Most commonly I use the living room, master bedroom, and nursery for family photos. I will always get some sweet close up images next to a window or door as well. If there is not a lot of natural light in your home, don't worry! I have yet to have been unable to find a space (no matter how small it may be) to get a great variety of images at an in-home session. I have utilized kitchen space and stairways that have produced gorgeous images. I know you may be thinking "well I don't have time to make my house magazine worthy for photos", and I have to stop you because that just isnt' real life. I will help with tidying spaces once I arrive. Bringing home a baby is stressful and messy. I will help to clear clutter out of the areas we need and help to put everything back just the way is was (or even get rid of that Chick-fil-a cup you've been meaning to toss) before I leave. The goal of these sessions is to freeze time so that 20 years down the road you can travel back to these amazing moments and feel it all again; smell that sweet baby smell, remember how tiny they look in their crib, remember how it felt on that comfy first couch you got before you were married. It's all beautiful and photo worthy.


A Signature session includes all the same wonderful images as mentioned in the Lifestyle only session but it also includes posed images of baby on backdrops and in props. For these sessions, I bring my traveling studio to you. I come with backdrops in various color options that we will discuss before your session, props including: baskets, buckets, bowls, baby beds, etc., lighting, simulated barn wood flooring, rompers, outfits, headbands, bonnets, sleepy caps, foliage, textured layers. You name it, I got it. I will use a small space in your home, out of the way, so that you can relax and take a break while I work with baby on getting them sleeping and adorable for posed images. I will use a space heater and sound machine to keep baby comfortable and relaxed so that posing is safe and efficient. You can sit and watch me work with your new little one or you can sit and de-stress on your phone, catch up on a little sleep or grab a snack. It is very relaxed for you and your family and I do all the work for you (including changing diapers and giving bottles if needed). So choose which session speaks to you and let me do all the work!